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The mattress for 'Pound Guys'


The FLEXIMA® mattress with Superior foam core and metal-free spring elements was developed exclusively for customers with a body weight of over 120 kg (up to 300kg) to ensure the highest sleeping comfort.

Each mattress is handmade in Austria and is available in any size and shape. The mattresses are available in different degrees of hardness and can be adapted to your individual lying comfort wishes after delivery by simply inserting spring elements.

The mattress breathes with you and there is no heat build-up. With every movement you squeeze moist, warm air out of the mattress core. This creates your own microclimate in the bed and moisture has no chance of resistance.
Thanks to this unique ventilation system and the supporting spring elements, no expensive slatted frame is required and the mattress can lie on a solid base.

The 7-zone cuts on the surface of the mattress create softer areas in the shoulders and firmer zones in the hip area.

With the deep zone cuts, the patented spring elements and the antibacterial & anti-allergic TENCEL® fabric cover, we give you a feel-good guarantee!

The Spring Elements


The metal-free FLEXIMA® spring elements are injection molded from high-tech plastic without the use of plasticizers. These elements can neither corrode nor amplify electromagnetic interference fields in the sleeping area.

The spring elements create differently firm lying zones in the mattress. Hundreds of point-elastic spring elements support the body comfortably in every lying position and relieve the spine.

Federelemnte 1.png
Federelemnte 2.png

The Foam


Breathable emc® foams are processed in a FLEXIMA® mattress. This cold foam has been specially developed to ensure an optimum combination of ergonomics and comfort. Antibacterial additives and the use of natural materials distinguish this foam particularly and guarantee an above-average longevity of this product even with high loads.

On the foam surface there is a fleece which creates a pleasant air cushion between the cover and the foam.



The Advantages


In addition to the already mentioned, optimal use properties for heavier people of the FLEXIMA® Superior mattress (18 or 22cm height) there are other unbeatable advantages:

Certified materials: All components used in a FLEXIMA® mattress are of course certified according to ÖKO-TEX 100.

Flexible: A FLEXIMA® system can be installed in different degrees of hardness next to each other in one piece of mattress. This allows your partner to sleep on the same mattress (without a visitor's crack) and each one has a mattress individually adapted to his needs. It is also possible to connect two mattresses next to each other with a zipper so that the trench between them is closed.

Antiallergic: The high-quality TENCEL® covers can easily be washed at 60 degrees and are therefore the right choice for people with allergies. This textile is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

Hygienic: A FLEXIMA® mattress will dry quickly due to the continuous cavities. No mould can develop and bacteria have no chance.

Environmentally friendly: The mattress can be disposed at the end of its service life in sorted form (cover, foam, plastic). Due to the considerably longer durability compared to conventional foam products, waste dumps are sustainably relieved.



The FLEXIMA® Soft Topper is the ultimate addition to a medium or firm mattress when soft lying comfort is required. It is especially suitable for side sleepers so that the shoulder area is cushioned but also stabilised.
The topper can be attached directly to the mattress by a zipper so that it fits perfectly, does not slip and the cover can easily be washed at 60 degrees.



Fitted Sheets

Good-fitting fitted sheets are in high demand especially for mattresses with special dimensions. They are tailor-made by us and can be easily fixed to the mattress by the sewn-in elastic bands.
You will love this fitted sheet, especially because it is soft and cuddly (97% cotton and 3% elastane).


Mattress Protector


The mattress protector is one of the most important bed accessories for people who sweat a lot. This mattress topper reliably protects the mattress top cover and the mattress core from external influences and slows down the wear out of the mattress.
The mattress protector can also be ordered in any size, is made of standard TENCEL® fabric quilted with 200 g climatic cotton wool, washable and has elastic bands for fixing.




With a high-quality Visco sleeping pillow you complete your personal well-being at night. These cushions are made of airy and viscoelastic foam and adapt themselves perfectly to your body and support your neck while you sleep. Due to the many hollow spaces, air constantly flows through the pillow, which effectively prevents sweating.
Matching covers in various colours of cotton jersey are available for every type of cushion.

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