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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What characteristics should mattresses have for heavy people?

Overweight and corpulent people not only weigh more kilos, they also need more space in their beds. That's why there are special sizes for them. The FLEXIMA® Superior mattress is available in any size and shape.

What do overweight people have to consider in mattresses hardness degree?

In principle, the rule applies that the hardness degree is used hard for a body weight of 100 kg or more. FLEXIMA® mattresses can also be individually supplemented with spring elements after delivery (if necessary) and adapted by the customer.

In which extra lengths and widths are mattresses available?

Any desired dimension is available in one piece on customer request, whereby the degree of hardness can be individually adjusted on each side of the bed. So a person under 100 kg can lie next to it on the same mattress with a different degree of hardness.

Does the FLEXIMA® mattress need a slatted frame?

No! The slatted frame effect is replaced by the plastic spring elements which are integrated in the cold foam.  On request, the FLEXIMA® mattress has a sewn-in spacer fabric on the underside so that the mattress can be laid directly on a solid base.
You can still lay your new FLEXIMA® mattress on an existing slatted frame. This has no effect on comfort.

How does the mattress ordering process work?

In our online order form (link) every step is described with text and pictures to order your individual mattress. Various additional information and instructions will help you to use the right data simply and safely. After the order process is completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase and an invoice.

When do I get the new mattress?

The delivery time is 3-4 weeks after receipt of your payment!
IMPORTANT: The mattress can be delivered directly to your bedroom and your old mattress will be disposed of by us (extra charge)!


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